A History of Hats Edit


Officially, there is not a lot of history about the origins of hats. They are believed to be common place throughout all of time. People have always seen the benefits of wearing a hat for protection from objects or the sun. The earliest depiction of a hat came from an Egyptian painting dating back to around 3200 BC. The first physical discovery of a hat came from a man found frozen in a mountain between Italy and Austria. He has since been nicknamed Otzi and was found wearing a bearskin hat.

The American Revolution had a strong symbol of liberty and freedom come from an ancient, famous hat the Pileus. The Pileus was a simple skull cap that was worn by freed slaves of the ancient Greek and Roman empires.


Pileus - Ancient greek depiction of the old hat work by freed slaves

Back in the 19th century, women wore bonnets decorated with gauze, flowers, ribbons and feathers these hats grew larger and larger as the century went on. By the end of the century, there where many different styles and hats become a staple of fashion. The trend continued into the 20th century when men started wearing fedoras and woman cut their hair short and started wearing fitted caps.

1920's style hat wore by women once short hair became a style

Hats have survived the generations and countless different styles. We are beginning to see hats with technology built into them giving them more desirability and function. The future will provide even more possibilities for different styles, we will see some very interesting and wild hats soon.

Futuristic hat design

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