Nacho Hat Edit

Homer Nacho Hat

Homer wearing a nacho hat

The Nacho Hat is a hat made entirely of nacho.

It has a wide brim with a cupped middle portion. The middle portion holds salsa to dip the nachos in. The use of the hat is to fill the middle up with salsa, then you break off portions of the brim and dip them into the salsa middle and eat them. It gives a whole new meaning to having a hair in your food.

Beer Hat Edit


A beer hat

The Beer Hat is another novelty hat. It features a plastic baseball cap with a spot to place a cup or can on either side of the hat as well as a straw that can go in the beverage on each side and runs to the mouth. The general use for this hat is to have two cans of beer in the beverage holders so that the user can get drunk twice as fast.

Propeller Hat Edit


Propeller Hat

The propeller hat is a beanie or baseball cap with a propeller on the top. The hat was first used as a symbol for science fiction fandom. It was done in a self-mockery of the popular image that fans are childish. The propeller hat grew in popularity in comics. Nowadays, they are rarely seen and primarily used for comedic purposes.

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