Top Five Wackiest Hats Of All Time Edit

Throughout time people have been placing things on their heads for decoration, protection, notoriety, status etc. Most of these hats have had a true purpose and have served as something meaningful. Some hats however have been truly bizarre. The only purpose they have served is to shock people or gather attention. Here are the five craziest hats of all time in the the opinion of the Wacki Wikiteers.

Number Five - Lady Gaga In A Lobster Hat Edit

Lady Gaga never ceases to amaze us. She expresses herself in weird and wild ways such as wearing a meat suit to an MTV video music award show. However she still had everyone in awe when she showed up to dinner wearing a diamond-encrusted lobster hat!

Number Five - Lady Gaga In A Lobster Hat

Number Four- The Energy Dome Edit

The 1980's were full of crazy new styles and outrageous self expression. Devo, the band made most famous the song "Whip It", joined in on this wave of outrageous expression in many ways. None more popular than the energy dome hat that they were famous for. They first debuted this masterpiece on the cover of their album "Freedom of Choice" and it was a staple for them ever since.

Number Four - The Energy Dome

Number Three- My Fair Lady Edit

Hollywood has never been afraid to explore outrageous and gaudy costumes. There has never been a more true expression of that then Audrey Hepburn's hat in the 1964 film "My Fair Lady". Audrey must have had to do neck workouts to support that giant thing.

Number Three - My Fair Lady

Number Two- Cher's Headdress Edit

Sunny and Cher both made waves when it came to wild clothing. Cher often wore crazy head gear in her performances and TV shows but nothing as crazy as this headdress worn in 1973.

Number Two - Cher's Headdress

Number One- Fashion Face Wash Edit

Sometimes the fashion industry pushes the limits far beyond practicality and style and right into weird. This headdress from a Couture Runway show is part mask, part hat and all strange. How did the poor girl even make it down the runway?!

Number One - Fashion Face Wash

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